AFCI.UK is an influential network of suppliers, manufacturers, publishers, wholesale distributors, service providers, retailers, institutional buyers, professional crafters, designers, educator/demonstrators, manufacturer representatives and everyone in between.

We exist to Unify, Develop and Inspire the UK creative, craft and hobby industry through LEARNING, CONNECTING and DISCOVERING!

  • Our purpose: is to be the cornerstone of the UK Creative Industry.
  • Our Vision of the Association: to be recognised as the cornerstone of the UK Creative Industry, whilst consistently adding value to all of our members.
  • Our Vision for the Industry: to makes sure the UK Creative Industry leads the way to build a healthy, vibrant and successfully Global Creative Market.
  • Our Brand Promise: no better way to network, connect, engage or get key information about the UK creative, craft and hobby industry.

AFCI.UK is made up of four types of members:

  1. Flying Start: People at the embryonic stages of their business and starting up. One-year membership offering help and support to get your business of the ground and take flight. Click here for membership details
  2. D.E.B’S: People whose principle business does not involve selling products. This category includes: Designers – Demonstrators – Educators – Teachers – Professional Bloggers and Professional Crafters. Click here for membership details
  3. BUYER’S: Companies whose principal business is purchasing creative craft and hobby merchandise for resell to a consumer. This category includes: bricks and mortar store-front retailers – online/catalogue retailers – institutional buyers and TV/media sales retailers. Click here for membership details
  4. SUPPLIER’S: Companies whose principal business is supplying creative – craft – hobby products and merchandise through manufacturing – publishing -distributing or providing services to industry companies. This category includes: manufacturers – distributors – consumer publishers/media – trade publishers – and service providers. Click here for membership details.

Annual membership fees are based on the type and size of businesses involved. The fee structure then hinges on the turnover of business. Annual membership rates are:

Flying Start Membership Fee: £50 including vat
D.E.Bs Membership Fee: £100+vat
Buyer Membership Fees: Level 1: 100K per annum = £100+vat Level 2: £100k to £1m = £200+vat Level 3: £1m+ = £350+vat.
Supplier Membership Fees: Level 1: up to £250K per annum = £200+vat Level 2: 250k to £1m = £325+vat Level 3: £1m+ = £500+vat

Click the following membership type you wish to apply for …

Flying Start




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