Supplier Membership: Companies whose principal business is supplying craft, hobby merchandise and information through manufacturing, publishing, distributing or providing services to industry companies.

What you, your staff and your business will get as a Supplier Membership: (Click the + sign to open)


We will help you and your team LEARN how to improve your business and knowledge with…

  • Access to educational videos and webinars
  • Advice on legislation affecting packaging regulations etc
  • Access to trends & industry research information to help guide you and your business
  • Advice on legislation affecting packaging regulations etc
  • Advice on the latest legislation, IP law (protecting your copyright) and packaging regulations
  • Members newsletters to keep members up-to-date on developments


We will help you and your team CONNECT with,companies and events that can improve your business with…

  • Access to new Buyers with whom no previous contact
  • Access to people at the heart of the industry, offering you insight and knowledge.
  • Free entry to Creativation (Phoenix, USA), Creativeworld (Frankfurt, Germany) and H+H (Cologne, Germany*)
  • Introduction global industry connections: We can open communications with the right people you need to be speaking to.
  • Networking opportunities to meet likeminded professionals
  • Opportunities to have your say on what is happening in the industry.


We will help you and your team DISCOVER new marketing channels, new opportunities and news ways of thinking with…

  • Beneficial rates for exhibiting at trade shows [incl USA]
  • Easy access to calendar information about shows and events
  • Free 30 minute Accountancy and booking keeping helpline
  • Free 30 minute legal helpline
  • Share your news and stories on


As a member, we believe, your most valuable is your direct contact with AFCI.UK. A Private and confidential helpline for you to talk about your business needs, 7 day weeks.
Free tickets to One Big Show (maximum 4*)

Apply for a Supplier Membership click the level that fits your company…


Aunnal Company

Turnover under £100k

£200 + VAT  


Aunnal Company

Turnover £100k - £1 million 

£325+ VAT


Aunnal Company

Turnover Over £1million

£500+ VAT

Privacy Policy: We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
Contact our team for Membership Terms & Conditions

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