AFCI.UK offers members access to infomation that will
help expand their knowledge and grow their businesses


We help all members with connections, introductions
and making sure they meet the right people and businesses
that can help them succeed!


We help members to discover new ways of thinking
and new ways to increase their businesses.

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AFCI.UK – Association For Creative Industries UK, formed in May 2012, registered as a non-for-profit trade association (No. 07914498), designed to Unify, Develop and Inspire the Creative Craft and Hobby Industry via Learning, Connecting and discovering.

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AFCI.UK Information

AFCI.UK Information

Based in the UK, specifically catering to the needs of creative, craft and hobby professionals from designers, educationalists, start-ups, independent retailers, chain and online stores, buyers, suppliers, TV channels, manufactures, wholesalers, publishers and everyone in between.
Governed by a volunteer group called Board Members who represent a broad cross-section of the UK creative, craft and hobby industry, collectively we work for the success of the association and ultimately, you, our members!
Aims and Missions
Every association has aims and missions; by joining the AFCI.UK you will be able to get the encouragement you need to help achieve yours.

Our aims:

  • Unifying the creative, craft and hobby industry
  • Developing the creative craft and hobby industry and helping our members achieve success
  • Making sure all our members Learn, Connect, Discover way in which to increase their businesses.
  • Providing a trade association that is unique to the needs of the creative, craft and hobby market and governed by industry leaders
  • Providing specific benefits to all members
  • Offering affordable membership options with tangible returns

While our aims are few the benefits to you and your business are limitless!

Our Mission:

  • AFCI.UK will maintain being the corner stone of the UK creative industry by providing our members with the specific opportunities, information, support, advice they, as individuals and as a collective, require to become more successful.
  • AFCI.UK will consistently add value to members and build a healthy, vibrant and successful global creative market.




The following people are dedicated in building the creative, craft and hobby industry in a manner that is good for all AFCI.UK members, while staying focused to its aim and goals that will benefit the industry and our members.

afci.uk baORD

Click below for more information about the board.

All Board Members are volunteers, possessing a wealth of industry experience, expertise and knowledge to make sure member’s voices are heard and ensuring AFCI.UK is run by you for you!

Tony Sheridan
Board Chair AFCI.UK

Target for 2019: To solidify AFCI.UK position as the cornerstone of the creative industry

Derek Bamford
Finance Director at Nemo and Owner of Grafton Projects/Cutting Edge Crafts

Target for 2019: Develop and maintain a strong strategic plan that is good for the whole UK Creative Industry

Sarah Hurley
Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Speaker and Founder of Sarah Hurley Ltd

Target for 2019: Develop designer accreditation program. Mentor our entrepreneur members

Belinda Sampson
Owner at BellaCrafts

Target for 2019: To spread the success of the association, ensuring the industry sees and uses its great benefits

Dani Philips
Managing Director at Visage Textiles Ltd & The Craft Cotton Co
Jayne Owles
Director of Sales, Europe for Notions Marketing Corporation

Target for 2019: Increase membership, make event like One Big Show bigger and better. Make every retailer aware of AFCI.UK

Linda Ayres
Sales Director at Katy Sue Designs

Target for 2019: To get all members networking, growing and developing contacts and business all year round.

AFCI.UK Dedicated Staff member is:
Craig De Souza
Executive Director
Target for 2018:To help members Learn, Connect and Discover ways in which they can grow and succeed, regardless of member level. To provide a powerful association that not only members use and are proud of but one that grows the awareness and economy of the creative, craft and hobby industry for all members.

Why should I join, what’s in it for me?

  1. The benefits of joining a professional trade association like AFCI.UK gives you and your business the ability to enhance credibility in the eyes of the industry and increase customer confidence.
  2. Having expert knowledge, support and advice at your figure tips 24/7.
  3. We will strive to make you succeed!

What benefits can I expect as a member?

AFCI.UK offers members a range of benefits ranging from administrative to trade discounts as well as educational support, seminars and general advice to members.

  1. Directory listings
  2. Enhanced exposure to consumers
  3. Free Legal advice
  4. Access to industry research
  5. Discounted membership with related organisations
  6. Free tickets to trade events like One Big Show, Creativation (USA) Creativeworld (Germany) and H+H (Germany) and others
  7. Networking and introduction opportunities
  8. Access to information to help you and your business grow
  9. Direct line for you to access to confidential help, support and advice
  10. AFCI.UK members also includes membership to the global association

More information on how we can specifically help you is only an email or call away!

What are the Membership types?

  • FLYING START: People at the embryonic stages of their business and starting up.
    One-year membership offering help and support to get your business of the ground and take flight. This membership is ONLY for the first year, there after you will need to upgrade to D.E.Bs membership, Buyer or Supplier membership Level 1 depending on your type of business.
    *Please note Flying Start member will not have access to Research, Benefits, directories or free tickets to trade shows.
  • D.E.Bs: Designers, Demonstrators, Educators, Teachers, Professional Bloggers, Professional Crafters and Agents. People whose principle business does not involve selling products.
  • BUYER: Companies whose principal business is purchasing craft, creative and hobby merchandise for resell to a consumer through bricks and mortar store-front retailers, online/catalogue retailers, institutional buyers, and TV/media sales retailers.
  • SUPPLIER: Companies whose principal business is supplying craft, hobby merchandise and information through manufacturing, publishing, distributing or providing services to industry companies.

Membership is for the company and covers all staff – click here for more information of applying to join AFCI.UK 

How are membership fees calculated?

Membership fees charge per year (12 months, starting when membership number is registered) and are based on the type and size of turnover for that businesses joining.

  • FLYING START: £50 (including vat) for one year only,
  • D.E.B’s MEMBERSHIP: £100 per annum, excluding VAT or £12 a month
    • Level 1 up to £100K = £100=vat or £12 a month
    • Level 2 £100K to £1m = £200=vat
    • Level 3 £1m+ = £350+vat
    • Level 1 up to £250K = £200+vat
    • Level 2 £250K to £1m = £325+vat
    • Level 3 £1m+ = £500+vat

Affiliates such as Guilds are subject to different membership fees on an individual basis.
Larger companies paying higher membership fees have no additional rights within the AFCI.UK

Membership is for the company and covers all staff – click here for more information of applying to join AFCI.UK 

What happens to the monies received by the AFCI.UK?

AFCI.UK is a non-profit organisation and all revenues are used to meet direct staff [x1], administration costs related to running the UK association, hosting and running events like One Big Show, obtaining research and useful information for members and lobbying.

No money is taking out of AFCI.UK for any personally gain.

Who actually runs the AFCI.UK?

AFCI.UK is run by a UK based volunteer Board Members. Made up from a AFCI.UK members, minimum of 6 and maximum of 10.

The day to day running and operations is all done by one paid staff member – Craig De Souza – Executive Director.

If you, or you know anyone that, would like to be nominated for a board position contact Craig De Souza directly for more information on craig@afci.uk or +44 (0) 1206 364 977

How is the AFCI.UK Board selected and who can join the Board?

As a member association, AFCI.UK is run by members for members. Meaning that every year members are asking to nominate people or themselves for the Board.

Each board member has a term for 1,2,3 years – which can only be extended by a board vote.

Any AFCI.UK member can be nominated to the Board, to help achieve our objectives.

We have a nominating committee which are all AFCI.UK members made up of  two current board members and two members that help with this process.

If you, or you know anyone that, would like to be nominated for a board position contact Craig De Souza directly for more information on craig@afci.uk or +44 (0) 1206 364 977

Do Board members benefit directly from the AFCI.UK?

No. Board members are all volunteers. Board members are drawn from professionals across different sectors within the industry to ensure activities are not self-motivated or profit orientated.

How would you sum up your mission and objectives?

AFCI.UK is the cornerstone of the creative, craft and  hobby industry!
AFCI.UK exists to make sure all our members Learn, Connect, Discover and succeed!

AFCI.UK achieve this through a vibrant and energetic association that is representing all aspects of the creative industries. This can only be achieved by the inclusion of industry leaders who will help to develop our industry into a cohesive and well represented body on which to build our collective future.

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