The following people are dedicated in building the creative, craft and hobby industry in a manner that is good for all AFCI.UK members, while staying focused to its aim and goals that will benefit the industry and our members.

All Board Members are volunteers, possessing a wealth of industry experience, expertise and knowledge to make sure member’s voices are heard and ensuring AFCI.UK is run by you for you!

Tony Sheridan
Board Chair AFCI.UK

Target for 2019: To solidify AFCI.UK position as the cornerstone of the creative industry

Derek Bamford
Finance Director at Nemo and Owner of Grafton Projects/Cutting Edge Crafts

Target for 2019: Develop and maintain a strong strategic plan that is good for the whole UK Creative Industry

Sarah Hurley
Entrepreneur, Product Designer, Speaker and Founder of Sarah Hurley Ltd

Target for 2019: Develop designer accreditation program. Mentor our entrepreneur members

Belinda Sampson
Owner at BellaCrafts

Target for 2019: To spread the success of the association, ensuring the industry sees and uses its great benefits

Dani Philips
Managing Director at Visage Textiles Ltd & The Craft Cotton Co
Jayne Owles
Director of Sales, Europe for Notions Marketing Corporation

Target for 2019: Increase membership, make event like One Big Show bigger and better. Make every retailer aware of AFCI.UK

Linda Ayres
Sales Director at Katy Sue Designs

Target for 2019: To get all members networking, growing and developing contacts and business all year round.

AFCI.UK Staff is:

Craig De Souza
Executive Director
Target for 2018:To help members Learn, Connect and Discover ways in which they can grow and succeed, regardless of member level. To provide a powerful association that not only members use and are proud of but one that grows the awareness and economy of the creative, craft and hobby industry for all members.

The AFCI.UK board is not a big boy’s or exclusive club, any and all AFCI.UK members can sit on the board, in fact, we encourage members to get involved after all it’s your association!

Each year, new AFCI.UK board members are nominated, selected by other members and the board.

We welcome and encourage all members to get involved.
If you’d like to know more about a board position or how you can help team today.

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