We have an exciting opportunity for you. As a valued customer, we’re giving you the opportunity to own shares in Hochanda, priced at 25p. We are inviting you to become part of our exciting and successful journey as we continue to grow and establish Hochanda as an international brand.

  • Investing through this website is safe and secure. You can invest from £50 upwards (in units of £50)
  • Our shares are priced at 25p each – a modest increase from the 20p per share when we last raised money in August last year – as you will see, we have progressed very well since then!
  • This fundraising is eligible for EIS relief, providing generous tax breaks for UK taxpayers from the UK Government
  • Your return on investment will include capital growth and dividends, if declared by the company (as is intended)

We invite you to INVEST IN HOCHANDA RIGHT NOW. We would love to welcome you as a shareholder

For more information, and to register to invest, follow the link below. Once you have registered, you can log in and send us any questions you may have.


Please note: Investing in Hochanda shares carries the possibility of risks as well as rewards. Dividends are not guaranteed and Hochanda shares are not currently listed on any stock exchange. This means that you may be unable to sell your shares at the price you want or at any price. Before deciding to invest please read the full offer document. ​