flying start



Are you are at the embryonic stages of your business or starting up.
One-year Flying Start Membership offers you all the help, advice and support you need to get your business of the ground and take flight.

What you can get from Flying Start membership:

  • Business mentoring: Having access to people at the heart of the industry, you want to work in, offering you their insight and knowledge.
  • Business Planning: Helping you plan and structure your business, making it robust
  • Advice about terms & conditions, pricing and next steps.
  • Introduction industry connections: We can open communications with the right people you need to be speaking to.
  • Solid industry information to help guide you and your business
  • Private and confidential help line 7 days week to discuss any issues with your business
  • Membership discounts to the AFCI.UK educational and networking events like One Big Show (Please note: This does not include free tickets to other trade events)

We can, and will, help you over the next 12 months to develop your business so that it has solid foundations to take it too the next level!

Flying Start Membership is ONLY for the first year, there after you will need to upgrade to D.E.Bs membership, Buyer or Supplier membership Level 1 depending on your type of business.

For more information contact our team today! or call +44 (0) 1206 364 977

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