AFCI.UK has partnered with Principal Energy Solutions to offer members savings for energy supply.

There is little doubt that the volatility in the energy market today and the resultant pricing fluctuations have had a serious impact on a business’s ability to control its overheads. This has made having a strong energy procurement strategy an essential element of your businesses overall commercial strategy.

The Aim Of The Service
• Save you money by negotiating stronger agreements
• Bring greater certainty to your budgetary planning
• Create a strategic cost management plan as part of your overall strategy




We will assess, plan and manage the implementation of your energy management policies and plans, providing you with performance benchmarking and target monitoring to increase operational efficiencies

Water Audit


Our independent water audit and evaluation services identify ways for you to reduce your usage and water bill. You may be eligible for a refund dating back 6 years, if we find you have been over-charged.



Become carbon compliant and efficient in line with the governments mandatory Carbon Management schemes, using our expertise and systems in the carbon management and reporting.

Energy Procurement


Our gas and electricity energy procurement services will provide you with a strategic cost management plan to reduce your energy usage and cost, often substantially, giving you greater budgetary stability.

What We Do For You:
When you engage with PES, we’ll work consultatively with you to provide you with the most cost effective and efficient gas and electricity procurement strategy. This will reflect the desired gas and electricity energy spend for your industrial or commercial business. We will carry out all of the critical elements of performing a full market analysis and review before preparing and tendering on your behalf allowing you to continue to focus on your core competencies.

To access this benefit contact Peter Smith directly – for a free consultation.

Please note that you’ll need a current AFCI.UK membership to access and continue with this benefit. Should your membership lapse this benefit will be removed.
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