Nottingham based Arts and Craft supplier Trimcraft have recently implemented a new automated system at their Nottingham based warehouse. The iPod scanner system is a brand new Warehouse Management solution which fully integrates into Trimcraft’s SAP business software. It provides up to the minute live data and has revolutionised the way the warehouse functions.

The new WMS system has streamlined the picking and packing process and has changed the way Trimcraft’s growing orders are handled. From the start of the working day, the system forecasts the amount of stock needed to complete orders that day, the stock is pulled to a central location and the handsets guide the picker to the nearest location of the next item to maximise efficiency.
The accuracy of the scanning system cuts out the need for checkers on the distribution line and staff now oversee each order from start to finish. The reduction in double handling reduces the potential for error and diminishes the bottlenecks of having more pickers than packers, allowing orders to be processed faster.

The biggest challenge faced by the Trimcraft distribution team before the scanners were introduced was stock control, as the lack of live data on stock quantities and locations led to poor order fulfilments. Now each staff member has full stock visibility from the live data feed. Order completion rates have risen to 85%+ and the team are focused on improving this further over the course of 2017 to 95%.

Pawel Pstragowski, Warehouse Manager says “Trimcraft has grown rapidly in recent years. We now have a system that can handle more orders, control stock better and improve warehouse efficiency all around. We have already started to see service levels improve to our customers by delivering orders faster and with improved stock completion”.

Trimcraft’s investment in this new technology has led to a 30% increase in productivity meaning customers receive their orders faster and with minimum errors. Alongside this new investment Trimcraft have also hired a Demand Planning Manager to review stock profiles to ensure they minimise out of stocks and reduce waiting times, as they continuously look to develop & offer customers the best service possible.

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