What’s Happening to CHA-UK and Why?

Our new branding and name change is keeping in line with the ‘GLOBAL’ association strategy which is designed to embody all the global Member companies we represent and better align with the global industry we support. All the while acting locally to offer UK members specific support, advice and information to help you succeed.

The Craft and Hobby Association – UK (CHA-UK) and its parent CHA is the US, has always been committed to its vision of a healthy, vibrant and innovative community that enriches people’s lives through crafting and other creative activities. As an organisation, CHA-UK and CHA strives to deliver innovative high value services as we support our Members who provide products and services to educate, entertain, and inspire creative consumers.

As a successful association, the ability to innovate, to seek continuous improvement, to evolve and respond to marketplace factors and emerging customer needs is critical to our success and longevity. We have learnt and recognised that the creative, craft and hobby industry has changed. As an association that Thinks Globally and Acts Locally we will reflect the global messaging and be relevant to the global community.

So Why the Name Change?

In recent years, we have seen an explosion of original ways to deliver ideas and to learn, ingenious methods and products brought to market, alternative marketing and sales channels gain traction, and brand new consumers emerge with a unique language and entrepreneurial spirit determined to grow and expand how we see creativity in our daily lives. All of this change is considerable, and has surged through the industry with lightning speed, causing disruption, while creating opportunity.

We want to help you make sense of all the differences, guide you through an evolving landscape, help you figure out the impacts of this change to your business and to be your voice along the way.

CHA spent the past year conducting an extensive study of the evolving environment and your needs, so that we may better serve this community. Through extensive market research, personal interviews and focused surveys with Members, and non-members, we gained real insight and have developed a refreshed brand strategy. That strategy is so much more than just a new logo.

We have set the course for a strong and successful future as the preeminent voice and the corner stone of the creative, craft and hobby industry and an unmatched resource to support the continued growth of the creative, craft and hobby industries that is Thinking Globally but Acting Locally.

Announcing a new name for the United Kingdom – AFCI.UK

What is the Association for Creative Industries UK?

In keeping with the new Global brand strategy the name change designed to embody the local Member companies we represent and better align with the full global industry we support.

We are proud to announce your association’s new name: Association For Creative Industries – UK (AFCI.UK). AFCI.UK exists to serve its Members. It was intentional in the development of our new name that the second word is “For”.

This association serves the creative industries. We are striving to be your advocates, your information resource, your research partner, and your community. Everything we do is done FOR you, our Member. Over the coming months, as a AFCI.UK Member, you will experience a renewed commitment to our Members.

A name change is only the beginning of refreshing our brand. New and exciting programs, benefits and opportunities are in development and designed to deliver greater value in your Membership.

We invite you to continue to choose AFCI.UK as your trade association and to let us know how we are doing in delivering the programs and services you desire.

AFCI.UK membership mission statement is to offer all our members

These serve as the strategic filter for our daily business activities. If an idea or opportunity aligns with these, we will explore its potential value for our Members.

We look forward in continuing to be your advocate in the UK and wish you and your team all the best in 2017

For further information, please contact Craig De Souza directly on 01206 364977 or craig@afci.uk